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the world is more magical with you in it

"The Phunky Monkeys are one of the most extraordinary groups of musicians I have ever seen play. Every single person said they were the best band they had ever seen at a wedding, and I don’t know how a better band could possibly exist. I recommend them with my entire being, and if you make a single decision for your wedding/event, make that decision hiring the Phunky Monkeys, and everything else will fall into place. — It’s been 3 weeks since the Phunky Monkeys played our wedding and blew the doors off the place, and people are still texting me on a near daily basis about how incredible they are. I personally still can’t find the words to express how phenomenal they were from the first note they played to the last. I am in awe of every single one of these musicians and can't fathom how they are all in the same group. My favorite weddings are the ones where I never left the dance floor. They are the ones where I leave on a high that could only be delivered by a great band - a euphoria that cannot be manufactured but must happen organically. We made it our mission to give people that experience, so we would do anything we could to get the best possible band for our wedding, and we found that in the Phunky Monkeys. For two months, my non working hours were spent watching everything I could find on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, wedding websites, and band websites. I read every single review of every band that I could. I created a detailed spreadsheet ranking every signal that I could find, and I kept coming back to the Phunky Monkeys. It turns out that, while this work made me more confident in my choice, it probably wasn't necessary, as every time I asked a vendor who their favorite band was, they told us the Phunky Monkeys. I probably should have just taken them at their word. When I say that they blew my expectations out of the water, I am embarrassed as to how much I am understating just how much they overdelivered even my wildest dreams. For their first three songs, they played You Can Call Me Al, where they had a conga line going through our entire venue on the first song (how?!?!?!?), Shout, and Proud Mary, and I started to get worried. How were we supposed to keep that energy up for the rest of the night? Somehow, though, the rest of the night got better and better as they tore through song after song that kept the dance floor completely packed. I don't think people really ate at our wedding, and I'm not even sure how much people drank. We had 210 people, and not a single one of them wanted to step off dance floor. I have truly never seen anything like it, and guest after guest has approached us to tell us that our wedding was one of the best nights of their lives, and that was because of Mike Taylor and this group. I truly think our wedding could have been a picnic with solo cups, and, if we had them playing, people would still say our wedding was one of their favorite of all time. I'm not being hyperbolic - I want everyone to know how incredible they are because they created the best memory I'll ever have by being so tuned into what we wanted and bringing the energy and musicianship to make it happen. We were so lucky to have them, and I promise with all of my heart that if you hire them, you will be so happy that you did. To the Phunky Monkeys, we love you and can't wait to get back down to New Orleans and see you play. You are truly the best band I could ever imagine, and the world is more magical with you in it."



The Phunky Monkeys are one of the most extraordinary groups of musicians I have ever seen play. Every single person said they were the best band they had ever seen at a wedding, & I don’t know how a better band could possibly exist. I recommend them with my entire being, and if you make a single decision for your wedding/event, make that decision hiring the Phunky Monkeys, and everything else will fall into place.


Worth Every Penny!

The Phunky Monkeys are professional, talented beyond belief, entertaining, kind, fun, engaging, and non-stop! As a couple we decided that booking the best wedding band we could find was a priority. The band really can MAKE the party. And, PM did just that. Our guests didn't even want to take a break for the bathroom for fear of missing the next song! They even learned 2 or 3 songs for our first dance and dances with our parents.

Alison P

Absolutely Mind-Blowing!

I did a destination wedding in New Orleans and have been obsessed with this band ever since seeing one of their videos, but nothing prepares you for how incredible this band is at a wedding. Our coordinator and vendor said they’ve never seen so many people on the dance floor the entire night, we couldn’t stop dancing! I continue to get SO many compliments from our guests on the band and for me and my partner, it made our wedding day.

Kate R

The Phunky Monkeys were AMAZING!!!

We had the pleasure of having the Phunky Monkeys play at my daughter's wedding last weekend (DiCarlo/Crouch Wedding) in New Orleans. From the beginning of our correspondence (nine months prior), until the day of the event and after, the Phunky Monkeys were exceptionally professional. Michael was extremely easy to work with and was always responsive and detail oriented.

Donna D

I wish I could give these guys 50 stars

They were phenomenal, professional, and easy to work with. During the mother-son dance, my mother-in-law thought they were playing a record- nope, their Louis Armstrong is that good. They played everything from Prince and Queen to the Friends theme song and SEC fight songs. My uncle said they're the best band he's seen in his almost 50-year career.

Sophia M

The Phunky Monkeys is where it's at!!!!

They played for my daughter's wedding and were phenomenal!. Everyone was pleased and said where they go they will follow. They were so awesome, they interacted with the crowd and even sang to my 90-year-old mother, who never missed a dance in her wheelchair. Best band ever!!! I will highly recommend this band! Our family can't stop talking about them!

Pamela S

They are the BEST!

My wedding was on 3/25/23 and my guests are STILL talking about how incredible the band was! Everyone was on the dance floor the entire night and it was so much fun! I can’t recommend them enough! Absolute highlight of our wedding.

Natalie K

WOW!!! What an amazing Band!!!

An Engaging, Interactive, Talented and Fun Group that will keep you on your feet and will keep the party going. They are worth every penny. They will create lifetime memories that you and your guest will NEVER forget!!!!!

Brigid R

Probably the best band I have ever had

WOW!!!!! My son got married Saturday night April 15th. And words cannot express how awesome this band is. Probably the best band I have ever had the pleasure listening to. My sons in-laws picked the best band for their wedding ever. I want to thank the band for making Seth and Mary Mercers night extra special. They not only can sing awesome they are so entertaining.

Paula M

More stars are needed for a higher rating

The Phunky Monkeys will make your wedding the talk of the town! Have you ever been to a wedding where almost 100% of the guests are on the dance floor? This band is amazingly talented... The talent on one stage is unbelievable. I should have had a clue that a proposal was coming when my daughter told me “mom, when I get married I want the Phunky Monkeys for the band”. If you want your guests to have the most fun time at your wedding, book this band!

Bridget S

I wish I could give the Phunky Monkeys 10 stars!

I cannot even begin to thank you for leading the way into the most perfect reception EVER! The Phunky Monkeys are truly the BEST!!! Hands down!!! The music, the visuals, the horns, the confetti machine…!!! I could go on and on!!!!!! So many people remarked that y’all are the BEST band they’ve ever heard at a wedding reception. The Phunky Monkeys aren’t one of your “common” cover bands.. The talent on that stage is astounding!

Evelyn M

These guys are the TRUTH!

These guys are the TRUTH! They were by far the best wedding band I have ever heard and our guests could not stop talking about them. Every song they played was true to the original and they can do it ALL. They even learned all of our first dance songs! We did not stop dancing for the entire party. Their brass band (The Brass Monkeys) also played our second line. Worth every penny, I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Joy B