Meet The Band!

Emma Harmony

Lead Vocalist

Emma Harmony, the soulful voice of "The Harmonic Reverbs," has been enchanting audiences since a young age. Born and raised in [Hometown], she discovered her love for music when she first sang in the church choir. Emma's powerful and emotive vocals have a way of reaching deep into the hearts of listeners. Her lyrics are a reflection of personal experiences, and her stage presence is nothing short of mesmerizing. With influences ranging from [Influential Artist] to [Another Influential Artist], Emma's voice is the driving force behind the band's distinctive sound.

Max Stratton


Max Stratton, the virtuoso guitarist of "The Harmonic Reverbs," is known for his intricate and innovative guitar work. Hailing from [Hometown], Max's journey with the guitar began at a young age, and he quickly developed a unique style that seamlessly weaves together elements of [Musical Style]. With a knack for crafting unforgettable riffs and soul-stirring solos, Max's guitar prowess adds depth and dimension to the band's sound. He draws inspiration from a wide array of guitar legends, such as [Influential Guitarist] and [Another Influential Guitarist], creating a signature sound that is unmistakably his own.

Oliver Groove


Oliver Groove, the groove-master on bass, provides the heartbeat of "The Harmonic Reverbs." Hailing from the bustling streets of [Hometown], Oliver's love for the bass guitar was born out of a passion for creating infectious rhythms that move people. With a deep appreciation for genres like [Genre], Oliver's basslines not only anchor the band's music but also add a layer of funk and groove that gets the audience dancing. His influences range from [Influential Bassist] to [Another Influential Bassist], and his skills on the bass guitar are second to none.

Emily Dawson

Lead Singer

Emily Dawson, the enchanting voice of the band, is a born performer. Her versatile vocals can effortlessly transition from sultry and soulful to powerful and anthemic. Emily's songwriting prowess reflects her depth of emotion and personal experiences, creating a connection with listeners that's nothing short of magical. Beyond the stage, she's a nature enthusiast and amateur photographer, finding inspiration in the beauty of the world.

Liam Parker


Liam Parker, the band's electrifying guitarist, has a deep-seated passion for all things six strings. His fingers dance across the fretboard, delivering unforgettable solos and mesmerizing riffs. Influenced by rock legends and blues greats, Liam brings a dynamic energy to the band's sound. When he's not shredding on stage, you'll likely find Liam tinkering with vintage guitars and sharing his musical knowledge through teaching.

Max Bennett


Max Bennett, the anchor of the band's rhythm, commands the bass guitar with precision and groove. His pulsating basslines provide the heartbeat of the music, keeping audiences in the groove throughout every performance. Max's love for the low end extends to his recording and producing talents, often fine-tuning the band's tracks to perfection. Outside of music, he's a culinary connoisseur, whipping up mouthwatering dishes in his spare time.

Sarah Mitchell


Sarah Mitchell, the powerhouse behind the drum kit, brings thunderous beats and unbridled energy to the band. Her rhythmic mastery keeps the band's sound tight and infectious. Sarah's drumming finesse is complemented by her songwriting contributions, adding a unique dimension to the band's compositions. When she's not on stage, she's a passionate advocate for animal welfare, actively supporting various causes.

Emma Williams


Emma Williams adds a layer of magic with her keyboard melodies, enriching our music with depth and atmosphere. Her passion for music theory and classical training are evident in her compositions. Offstage, Emma enjoys composing film scores and exploring new sounds.

Owen Davis


Owen Davis, our talented saxophonist, brings a touch of jazz and soul to our eclectic sound. His captivating solos and improvisational skills have garnered attention from jazz enthusiasts. Owen often collaborates with local jazz musicians for side projects.

Ava Carter

Trumpet Player

Ava Carter, our vivacious trumpet player, infuses our music with a splash of brass brilliance. Her dazzling solos and vibrant presence add a unique dynamic to our performances. Ava is a jazz aficionado and hosts jam sessions at local clubs.

Diego Hernandez


Diego Hernandez is our versatile percussionist, providing the heartbeat of our band. His diverse range of percussion instruments, from congas to djembes, adds a world music influence to our sound. Diego is a percussion instructor and holds drumming workshops.

Sophia Lee


Sophia Lee, our enchanting violinist, introduces a classical and folk twist to our music. Her elegant melodies and virtuosity are key to our signature sound. Sophia also performs as a solo violinist at local events and contributes to local orchestras.